F.Y.I.   Information and production numbers on 1970 Challengers: Only 76935 Challengers were built. Of those ,only 2076 were built with RT-SE 383 HP motors. I have attached below links listing the total production numbers of challengers built.

We have owned this Challenger for approx. 8 + yrs now. The previous owner, a Mopar collector in north Florida, had removed the original numbers matching motor and transmission when he painted the exterior of the body years ago. He disassembled the motor and transmission to check the internal parts for wear. Everything was fine, so he resealed the motor and trans with new gaskets and reinstalled it back into the Challenger. He did upgrade the transmission with an internal minor shift kit which allows the motor to rev to approx. 2100-2300 before upshifting. This makes an unbelievable performance difference. Most of the big block mopars are sluggish taking off until the rpmís increase. Not this Challenger...

The Challenger still retains all itís original body panels. The previous owner had replaced the front seat covers (from age) and left the rest of the interior alone. The original dash pad, door panels, gauge cluster, overhead console, back seats,seat belts, dash switches, am radio and center console are in excellent well preserved condition. The only gauge that does not work all the time is the factory clock. Sometimes it works and sometimes it wonít. The previous owner also changed the factory shifting knob to a pistol grip shift handle to give it that 4 speed look. He gave me the original round shift knob, itís in the glove box.

The fender tag is original which documents the Challengerís options and rare factory high impact colors, which makes this Challenger very unique and highly collectable. Over the last few years, I have driven this Challenger to Daytona Bch. and around south Florida to other shows. Weíve put approx. 1200 miles during this time, she has never let us down. The Challenger runs and drives excellent.

Overall Condition:
Runs and drives very good

Stays cool and has never overheated
Tires are good, maybe 1500 miles on them
Gauges all work, sometimes the clock has a mind of itís own
Paint is better than average, on scale of 1-10 Iíd say itís 8 to 8.5
Not perfect, few minor chips or a scratch here & there
(keep in mind, Iím very fussy about my cars,
This is a driver, not a
trailer queen)
Vinyl top is like new, excellent condition
 All windows & cranks work properly
 Trunk and body panels, all fit nice and are original

The Bad: Not Much, something most sellers will not talk about.
1)  Front & Rear bumpers are original to the car. They are old and have faded spots and black spot pitting. From 10ft away they look fine. They definitely could use attention or re-chroming. I havenít replaced them, because most of the reproduction ones Iíve seen look like crap and there are no chrome shops down here in south Florida that are very reputable to deal with.

2)  Right front headlight bezel is dented from previous owner mishap. Not sure what happen. They are making reproduction ones now. Iíve seen them on ebay but Iím not sure on the quality, so when in doubt, I always stay with original. Iím sure a good metal trim fabricator could repair it, just havenít heard of one around here.

3) No build sheet found in car. My opinion, donít really need it with original fender tag. If you would like one, Iím sure you could get one or a copy of it from that guy out west always on Barrett Jackson talking about mopars. Iím not a fan of his or his practices  with the car collectors hobby, so I wonít mention his name. If you are into mopars, Iím sure you know who he is.                

If you have any other questions or would like to make an appointment to see this Challenger please call me at a reasonable east coast time. "No text messages"... I prefer to talk to people. I live near PBI (Palm Bch Airport)  If you prefer to fly in to see this car we can make arrangements. I am not a dealer, Iím just a guy that likes old cars and likes to change our inventory once in awhile. Iíve never had any complaints from buyers on descriptions or the quality of my cars I've sold in the past.

  If you need assistance or a price guide, here is a link to
N.A.D.A. appraisal guide



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To make things easier, I decoded the factory fender tag:
Dodge Challenger
Special, R/T
2 Door Sports Hardtop

N0B: 383 330HP OR 335HP 1-4BBL 8 CYL
Dodge Main, Hamtramck, MI, USA

141440:    Sequence number

E63:     383 cid 4 barrel V8 H.P. 335hp
D32:     Heavy Duty Automatic Transmission
FY1:     Top Banana Exterior Color
H5X9:     Trim - High, Cloth/Vinyl Bucket Seats, Black
000:     Full Door Panels
931:     Build Date: September 31
061681:    Order number

V1X:     Full Vinyl Top, Black
A01:     Light Package
A04:     Basic (Radio) Group
A62:     Rallye Instrument Cluster Package
B51:     Power Brakes
C16:     Console w/Woodgrain Panel

C26:     Consolette w/Formed Headlining
C55:     Bucket Seats
C32:     Delete Head Restraints
C34:     Front Seat Shield
J45:     Hood Tie Down Pins
M21:     Roof drip rail moldings

M31:     Belt Moldings
N41:     Dual Exhaust
N42:     Chrome Exhaust Tips
N85:     Tachometer
R11:     Radio Solid State AM (2 Watts)

V6X:     Longitudinal Stripes, Black
Y05:     Build to  USA Specs
EN2:     End of Sales Codes



   All Original Floor Pans and Body Panels.
Factory undercoating held up all these years.

I did upgrade the original exhaust to 2.5 inch pipes with new mufflers
It sounds great. Nice rumble when you get on it, but quiet to drive...


Re-used the original exhaust tips
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